Iwi grouping (estimated count) by usual residence address (regional council area), for the Maori descent usually resident population, 2018

Information on dimensionUsual residence address (regional council area)Total people - usual residence address (regional council area)
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Iwi grouping (total responses)Information on dimension
Te HikuInformation on item47,223
HaurakiInformation on item19,722
Ngai Tahu WhanuiInformation on item75,393
Ngati KahungunuInformation on item82,239
Ngati RaukawaInformation on item37,428
Ngati TamaInformation on item2,895
Te ArawaInformation on item60,117
Te AtiawaInformation on item29,433
Turanganui a KiwaInformation on item14,670
Waikato-TainuiInformation on item84,030
Ngati ToarangatiraInformation on item7,329
RangitaneInformation on item7,767
Ngapuhi nui tonuInformation on item170,247
Mokai PateaInformation on item1,809
OtherInformation on item360,534
Nga Hotahota o te WhitauInformation on item136,422
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