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AgeInformation on dimensionTotal Age
GenderInformation on dimensionTotal Gender
EthnicityInformation on dimensionTotal Ethnicity
ResolutionInformation on dimensionTotal Resolution
Year or Month2013Information on item2014Information on item
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OffenceInformation on dimension
Hide subtree/Cacher sous-arbre Total Offences171,841156,029
Homicide and related offences8367
Acts intended to cause injury30,11428,995
Sexual assault and related offencesInformation on item1,9891,927
Dangerous or negligent acts endangering persons491455
Abduction, harassment and other related offences against a person7,9758,377
Robbery, extortion and related offences1,2621,200
Unlawful entry with intent/burglary, break and enter9,8198,391
Theft and related offences31,56329,114
Fraud, deception and related offences4,3064,640
Illicit drug offencesInformation on item15,55316,029
Prohibited and regulated weapons and explosives offences5,2855,309
Property damage and environmental pollution15,36312,603
Public order offences34,53724,098
Offences against justice procedures, government security and government operations12,69414,007
Miscellaneous offences807817
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