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A telephoneYes1,473,800951,515,90095.1
No, don't want it20,9001.321,8001.4
No, because of the cost45,5002.945,8002.9
No, some other reason10,7000.710,1000.6
A washing machineYes1,522,50098.21,554,30097.5
No, don't want it4,4000.310,0000.6
No, because of the cost13,8000.917,0001.1
No, some other reason10,2000.712,4000.8
Heating available in all main roomsYes1,233,10079.51,294,30081.2
No, don't want it94,1006.177,8004.9
No, because of the cost149,9009.7155,9009.8
No, some other reason73,8004.865,7004.1
A good pair of shoesYes1,490,20096.11,528,50095.9
No, don't want it15,800113,8000.9
No, because of the cost29,9001.942,6002.7
No, some other reason14,90018,7000.5
A best outfit for special occasionsYes1,374,80088.61,429,00089.7
No, don't want it47,8003.147,9003
No, because of the cost67,3004.372,1004.5
No, some other reason61,0003.944,7002.8
A personal computerYes1,104,90071.21,225,20076.9
No, don't want it223,80014.4181,90011.4
No, because of the cost124,6008105,3006.6
No, some other reason97,6006.381,2005.1
Home contents insuranceYes1,178,700761,219,40076.5
No, don't want it75,5004.976,0004.8
No, because of the cost184,50011.9199,90012.5
No, some other reason112,2007.298,3006.2
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