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Give presents to family or friends on birthdays, Christmas, or other special occasionsYes1,427,300921,472,00092.4
No, don't want to20,7001.317,4001.1
No, because of the cost57,9003.752,7003.3
No, some other reason45,0002.951,5003.2
Visit the hairdresser once every three monthsYes1,026,30066.2986,50061.9
No, don't want to143,8009.3132,8008.3
No, because of the cost168,30010.9222,00013.9
No, some other reason212,50013.7252,30015.8
Have holidays away from home every yearYes847,40054.6907,50056.9
No, don't want to128,7008.3107,9006.8
No, because of the cost391,80025.3419,20026.3
No, some other reason183,10011.8159,10010
Have a holiday overseas at least every 3 yearsYes601,60038.8652,90041
No, don't want to172,70011.1152,3009.6
No, because of the cost605,10039614,20038.5
No, some other reason171,50011.1174,20010.9
Have a night out at least once a fortnightYes670,00043.2685,50043
No, don't want to294,00019290,60018.2
No, because of the cost283,40018.3302,70019
No, some other reason303,60019.6314,80019.8
Have family or friends over for a meal at least once a monthYes991,50063.9996,80062.5
No, don't want to129,3008.397,6006.1
No, because of the cost85,6005.596,2006
No, some other reason344,50022.2403,10025.3
Have enough room for family to stay the nightYes1,333,700861,369,30085.9
No, don't want to22,0001.418,0001.1
No, because of the cost52,4003.454,4003.4
No, some other reason142,9009.2152,1009.5
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