Welcome to the NZ.Stat table viewer

NZ.Stat is a free web tool that allows you to:
  • create tables from large datasets
  • customise the table by selecting the variables you want and changing the layout
  • view metadata alongside the table
  • download your table in Excel (up to 100,000 cells) or CSV format (up to a million cells).
NZ.Stat is powered by software provided by the OECD.

NZ.Stat functions best with Windows Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or higher, Safari 3.1 or higher.

Our new quick guide will help you understand the steps to take to customise and download your table.
Go to NZ.Stat quick guide.

To customise and download a table

Step 1: Find a dataset by:
  • clicking Choose theme or Popular queries in the left navigation panel
  • using the search box in the top right corner.
Step 2: Click on the dataset you’re interested in. A default view of the table will be displayed.
Step 3: Use the drop-down menu under Customise to select variables or change the table layout.
Step 4: Click Export to download your table in Excel or CSV format.

More help is available from:


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