Select a dataset

(See also Section 2.1 of the user guide)

Start by selecting a dataset to base your table on. There are four ways to find a dataset:

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Customise your table

(See also Section 2.2 of the user guide)

Now you have a default table based on your selected dataset, ready for you to customise.

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View related metadata

(See also Section 2.4 of the user guide)

Metadata is additional information about datasets. To view metadata, click the i symbol. The information will be displayed in the right hand panel.

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Download your table

(See also Section 2.3 of the user guide)

You can download your table in Excel or CSV format.

More info

More info

There's a lot more to NZ.Stat than covered in this quick-start guide. For detailed explanations of all the features, click the NZ.Stat user guide button at the bottom of this screen.

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Facts and statistics collected together into a dataset. For example, the forestry dataset includes number of hectares planted, and cubic metres of timber harvested.


An organised collection of data on a particular topic such as a particular industry, area, or group of people. For example, a dataset on forestry includes total area planted in forestry, and the amount of timber harvested.


A dataset consists of a number of dimensions which describe the data in the dataset. For example, a dataset on exports includes the dimensions country, commodity, and time period. Data exists for each combination of these eg exports of vegetables to Australia in 2012.


Metadata describes the characteristics of a dataset and the data within it. It helps in understanding the data, and how best to use the data.


A table is a subset or view of some of the data in the dataset arranged into rows and columns.


The datasets in NZ.Stat are grouped together into categories called themes. Some themes also contain sub-themes to make it easier to find the right dataset.


A variable is an individual item in a dimension eg a Country dimension will include the variable Australia.