Information on dimensionVoting at general electionTotal
Information on dimensionStrength of feeling of belonging to New ZealandTotal
Information on dimensionTrust in staff at government departmentsTotalStrongly agree or agreeNeither agree nor disagreeDisagree or strongly disagreeDo not know
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Regional Council areasInformation on dimensionMigrant status by birthplace of respondent and their parent(s)Information on dimension
TotalHide subtree/Cacher sous-arbre Total3,247,0001,293,000745,000592,000617,000
New Zealand born with New Zealand born parents1,697,000625,000426,000342,000304,000
New Zealand born with at least one overseas born parent724,000279,000169,000150,000126,000
Overseas born recent migrant373,000194,00062,00021,00096,000
Overseas born long-term migrant427,000184,00084,00072,00087,000
People raised by lots of people or an institution27,00012,000
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