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Hide subtree/Cacher sous-arbre Total industry71,9073,260
Total industryAgriculture, forestry, and fishing4,8782,830
Electricity, gas, water, and waste services2734,160
Wholesale trade2,7873,660
Retail trade7,4582,690
Accommodation and food services8,3732,410
Transport, postal, and warehousing2,2503,840
Information media and telecommunications7143,690
Financial and insurance services1,0594,460
Rental, hiring, and real estate services1,2273,270
Professional, scientific, and technical services4,4283,930
Administrative and support services5,3642,840
Public administration and safety2,2054,310
Education and training6,4953,110
Health care and social assistance11,3133,980
Arts and recreation services1,8482,550
Other services2,7933,040
Not elsewhere classified2852,210
Data extracted on 28 Sep 2020 20:27 UTC (GMT) from NZ.Stat


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